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Al-Bustami Model School was established in 1974 pioneered by Mr. Taysir Al-Bustami (may God have mercy on his soul). One of the first private schools established in Jordan, Al-Bustami Model School incorporates both historical and modern teaching methods.

Its mission is to advance the field of education and to create an educated generation capable of adapting to the community. The school also aims to promote development of students’ intellectual and analytical skills. Moreover, we strive to instill the sense of responsibility and emphasize the importance of leadership in our students. Al-Bustami school provides education from 1 st through 10 th grade, adopting the National Curriculum and affording courses in advanced English and computer science.

Additionally, the school has a special education department supervised by American graduate expertise. This department provides education for students with special needs through extra classes in Arabic, English, and Mathematics, along with occupational and speech therapy. In our view, curricular and extracurricular activities are of equal importance; extracurricular activities offered include, but are not limited to, recreational reading, Quran and poetry recitation, and participation in sports. The school also provides the following facilities: Air conditioned rooms, science and computer laboratories, a football field, and a basketball court. School fees are suitable for all socioeconomic classes and discounts are made available for a variety of circumstances upon registration.

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